With a quiet start on Saturday due to the rainy weather, the Food Festival took off on Sunday, thousands of people came to see our sixty three stalls, which stretched all the way from the Evron Centre along Filey’s Crescent Gardens, all the way past the bandstand to Crescent Hill.

All types of food were on offer from honey, fudges, spices, cakes, exotic relishes to traditional meat and pork pies, delicious cured Portuguese meats, beautiful breads, Cretan herb infused Olives and not least, the Clucking Pig scotch eggs.

The author of this piece is in trouble with his wife, because he won’t shut up about Clucking Pig scotch eggs. Without wishing to be needlessly messianic, try eating a Clucking Pig Scotch Egg and you will never look at a scotch egg the same way again. I tried my first one on Sunday, an organic pork and fresh black pudding outer with a free range egg inside. The outer coating is superb but once you bite into the egg, ┬árather than the usual solid egg yoke, there’s a creamy luscious centre. None of the Food festival helpers can work out how they do it, but it’s no wonder that Royalty have bought their products. It’s a scotch egg Jim but not as we know it.

The Clucking Pig

Stand by for more stallholder features as we approach our next festival in August.

Food Festival 10 to 11th June
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